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✔ A world-class coach hand-selected by our leadership team to help you grow your business 
✔ Assessment of your business's productivity and profitability 
✔ Creation of a customized action plan to catapult you into immediate results 
✔ Skill-based sessions to identify and focus on your strengths to make them work for you 
✔ Training and coaching around scripts and dialogues to accelerate your success 
✔ Accountability sessions to ensure that once you've developed a plan, you stick with it to accomplish your goals and increase your income 
✔ Creation of customized strategies developed in your personal coaching sessions to actualize your vision and goals for your business 
✔ Coaching and application of the proven principles in Gary Keller’s #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller The ONE Thing 
✔ Use of a powerful habit and goal tracker that allows you to track your progress and share with your coach the feedback necessary to create change and ignite your business 
✔ Weekly phone sessions with your personal coach, at 30 minutes per session, 45 minutes per session or we'll customize a program just for you!

✔ Semi-annual events with other businesses that are also coached by our team for networking, growth and personal development


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